Glad you are happy with them but I had 2 and found they only lasted 4-6 weeks at the most.

I have purchased about 8 authentic Zeus X at various different times and the oldest, purchased 2 years ago is still working daily. One I threw out but in hindsight now now I could have saved and one I lost. Those were the original 3 from that same time frame.

The annoying flaw in the authentic is that after time, the chimney can easily slip down while you are vaping and floods the atomizer.
I have found, at least for myself, the best way to prevent this is after a re-wick, is to leave it to fully dry overnight. Any moisture will have it slip down.

Even then, once I put the chimney back in, sometimes I have to lightly tap it and it might slip down immediately. Two/three attempts and it will stay. Then it is fine until the next re-wick, providing I don't knock it over.

So my two clones just became too difficult, too soon. I threw them out but in hindsight, had I also waited overnight for them to fully dry, perhaps I might have had a bit better luck with them.