I have a question for you mosfet specialists. I bought the Cthulhu Tube mod with the V1 Chip that was water resistant + silicon piece and it worked very well for months. But i had a flood problem with an atty and got liquid leaking thru the fire button. I cleaned everything but i think the chip is "fried" because the mod is getting hot even without firing it. So i tryed ro replace it with the V2 chip i bought but i got the same dimensions problem that shows cris.t earlier. If i screw the chip, the fire button is stuck. If i don't screw it the fire button works but will autofire if i put the battery in the mod. As i am very concerned with safety i will not modify the chip myself.

So my question, is there any other mosfet that i could use in my Cthulhu Tube? I really like this mod it was using it everydays.