cris.t wrote:

my cthulhu chip arrived past week. unfortunally it has different size than sxk chip. i can mount it but the button stuck in and goes autofire. also battery cap can't screw down well. maybe i was unlucky but that's it...

HI Cris.

you have to sand down the negative contact on the Cthulhu chip,there is good margin.

i have do with dremel and finished by hands with fine sand paper.

really easy.

also when you instal the chip after the sanding,push on "On" button when the screw the Atto body/Cap for be sure position is best.

also what i do,if i do take atomizer of the Atto mod,i do first unscrew totally the battery cap (or take out battery),same for inverse when you put back the atomizer.

hope it help.

sorry my ENglish shitty.