Randall_H wrote:

The build deck is super-wide so it should ideally be a larger diameter coil. I made a 4.5mm ID coil of 26x3/36ga fused clapton (SKU 9645247) and it's working pretty well.

The Reload S is good but I still prefer the dual-coil Reload X with smaller coils.

This is why I hope the 22 mm version will be more suitable for smaller coils (I usually use simple 2 core fused Claptons 26*2/38 at 3mm diameter).
I don´t like it when the vape is too warm and I´m fine with a single coil around 0,2 Ohm at 35 Watt.

Somehow this reminds me of the difference between the Ammit 22 and the Ammit 25...