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Looks better than KFL 2019
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#1 (permalink)      2/21/2019 3:23:18 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Looks better than KFL 2019
When YFTK produces a more promising version of a KF than KF itself o.O ....
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You're pointing credit in the wrong direction. YFTK isn't producing anything other than a clone of the BY-ka. They'll no doubt be producing a clone of the new Lite as well. It's also less suitable for a proper tight MTL than the new Lite, and has an awkward top fill around the drip tip socket, so "more promising" is highly subjective.

(As it happens, I'm more about the Dvarw than the Lite [2019] - I like a big tank capacity, but prefer 22mm along with a tight, stable, silent draw. But I wouldn't have dicovered the Dvarw if SvoëMesto hadn't screwed around with loose draws and over-complicated mechanisms for top fill and made the new Lite back in 2015.)

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#3 (permalink)      3/2/2019 9:25:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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This should be nice , I own authentic v7 ,by-ka-v7 RTA by vapesystems RU, and by looks of it YFTK can beat them to the market been trying to purchase a new v8 but @ 150£ this would win out impoved smaller chamber reduced flow , vetter top cap removal - less threads , smaller size 22mm-og-23mm points to better Flavour, 2 screw in base mean the bottom base will no longer stay attached to mod while trying to remove atty like the v7 does its a real pain in the arse, so have high hopes for this , and if by ka cannot release before china it means its actually being made in china and then packed back home for extra dollars, which means they should of reduced price , this will lose them a hell of a lot of sales, if i cant get before mid-end march, then brexit an be most cost to me , so looks like buying clone,
Then buying extension tank later
#4 (permalink)      5/4/2019 8:51:29 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Kayfuns are Kayfuns. They are good and everything, no doubt (even though the Lite 2019 to me looks like a significant step back from the Prime which already wasn't as good as the V4 and V3Mini...), but the Ka v8 at least for me is on another level, comparable in quality to legendary RTAs of old, like the Rose v2s or the Heron 1.5.

I prefer a draw of around 1.6-1.8mm and with the 1.7mm insert the Ka v8 has just about the smoothest and quietest draw of any MTL-atty I have ever tried. (The Caiman v4 btw vapes just as nice even though the end of tghe run Coppervape versio I received lacked in build quality.)

It's a brilliant RTA and the YFTK version is flawless, and I haven't even once tried the long tank or other inserts...It's my allday banger since the day I got it. The only con of the Ka v8 is the fact that it makes every drip tip look long (some people like that, I don't), I use the very short ones of the later Hussar versions and they look very good on the Ka:

I just wish fasttech would offer replacement tanks and tank windows. I started product request thread. If you like your KA v8 feel free to support the request!


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phlegmor wrote:

The only con of the Ka v8 is the fact that it makes every drip tip look long (some people like that, I don't), I use the very short ones of the later Hussar versions and they look very good on the Ka

I noted you vape in a very similar way I do (well, 1.4 is nearly perfect for me, but I often like 1.7 too), and maybe you would like the short drip tip of the Coppervape Skyline.
Here SKU 7954501 the two pieces set in PEI.
They are short (protrudes 8mm. only), have a good 4mm. MTL hole that flares up to 6.5mm. at the top, they are practically flush with the JFC, and so they became "the standard drip-tip" on all my ByKas, whether v.6 or 7 or 8

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