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Troepfler wrote:
If you ride an older motorcycle you perhaps know about these big conical rubber "last stops" in the rear shock absorbers.

"Cush hubs" my KTM has this kind of sprocket carrier, yes, I know.

No, they are using these Cush Hubs for for other motorbike problems.
Too difficult to explain in Englisch, in Germany the name is "Anfahrruckdämpfer" and this part
will also reduce oscillation-problems in motorbike chain-transmissions (vertical chain jumping).

These "rubber last stops" on vehicles look like https://www.ebay.de/b/Anschlagpuffer/33584/bn_7033441529,
they are using it on older vehicles and offroad. With fork legs (shock absorber and spring in one unit) they are using it around
the shock absorber. With leaf spring they sometimes use it on the lowest additional (20 inch short) leaf together with a rubber conical end stop
on heavy offroad USA pickups.
Sorry I am a bit OT, but perhaps you see it is not quite easy to see the bridge between a 2tons Chevy construction and a 110grams Cthulhu ...

Somebody asked about the "Results at the End of the Day":
Very nice mod, hits hard, fast reaction company, spare Atto chip also fits.
But this firing button is very very small, after a whole day your finger hurts.
But some members told that to Cthulhu, I am pretty sure they will change that later
and will perhaps install a constant Volt output chip, much better than the old 2013 const. Watt "Kicks":