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#41 (permalink)      2/22/2019 4:13:04 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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StephBretonne wrote:

13_A_13 wrote:
Hi,No, no mistake. 22mm diameter. Grooves I did myself just for fun, because I have more whem one SMPLs. It was clone)))
Thank you for your answer 13_A_13 and nice transformed SMPL!
Too bad though, it wasn't a 24mm SMPL because I've been looking for one for a long time.

You are welcome)))
For 24-25mm I use Ulton Mecanic Styled
But from another shop(clone with proper SQ logo on board ;) )

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+1 details
Repost from Cthulhu MOD facebook group:

Dear customers (who preordered our tube mod),
We are very sorry for those troubles you got.
Our team change the connector pin material, adjust circuit parameter(to reduce fire-delay, and improve the yield of good chip), and add liquid proof coating.
We will send new chips to all pre-orders (order from cthulhu or other retailers).
New batch will use improvement chips too.
We are testing improved chips with new testing equipment now.
Our team will post testing result next week.
Many thanks!