Ok. I know that in the last 1-2 years many ppl got the problems with "famous " Wismec's 510 connector but my old Wismec RX200 Reuleaux, Presa 75 and Presa 100 did their job quite good. Now i have 15 devices and i will not cry if something goes wrong. Of course i will...if i'll lose one of my Gepetto mods ;) but Wismec, Augvape, Balrog, Pico - all they are very cheap so i can try them as often as i want.

I can tell You a secret, You are right - it's not perfect. There is a slight rattle on plastic battery cover. 10 days, i thought that magnets are really very strong, and they were...just two days ago :)) It was too early for my full review ;)