lol sorry guys I half forgot about it. I ran into a problem that's the other reason for the delay.

It's exactly as you all guessed.

I tried unflavored juice first with no soda in the chamber. Noticeably colder draw because the vapor travels a long way inside the chambers. Nothing too unusual, a normal vape for the most part.

I filled it up with lemonade first. Vapor was a little colder. Just the slightest hint of lemonade, although I don't think the vapor was actually getting infused with lemonade. You would get the same effect if you take a whiff of a lemonade bottle or try to suck the air out of an empty lemonade bottle. You stop noticing it very quickly.

All you are getting is a little bit of airborne molecules of whatever is in the soda chamber. I figured something more pungent, like an energy drink would work better with this. I tried putting red bull in there, and I was right. You do notice it a little bit when you take a draw, and the whole tank smells like red bull all the time. So it's just tricking your mind into thinking you're tasting red bull.

All in all no matter which liquid I tried the effect was super subtle at best. It quickly fades. It's just a gimmick, I don't see any practical use for it.

What I don't understand is why this had to be a kit on its own. From the design of the tank it looks like it could have been an accessory that screws on to their sub tank, or at the very least a stand alone tank. There's no need for this mod.

I also broke a piece of the tank while assembling it back after cleaning. There are two mesh filters inside the soda chamber to prevent soda from coming out of the drip tip. I broke the threads of the lower filter. I'm talking to other people who has it to see if theirs can break as easily as mine.