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Can you vape alcohol
Can you vape alcohol? The simple answer is yes you can vape alcohol. There are several methods of vaping alcohol, the pressure method and the heating method. Both ways allow you to vape the alcohol contained with in most high strength spirits. There are dangers to vaping alcohol and overdosing is a concern. Your body has no way to eject vaped alcohol, so take care if you decide to use either method as there has been reported fatalities due to vaping shots.

Hey, moron, you don't do certain things because "you can".
This is that instance.

Hey moron!!! It was a copy and past so don't get butt hurt lol the amount of stupidity in the forum is mind blowing.would I do it probably not, can it be done yes that's the point.I would however buy it just to have around, never know when you might have that one friend you don't really care that much for because he ate the last slice of pizza.