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Isn't this an updated HOG with PWM ??
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#11 (permalink)      6/30/2018 12:11:39 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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t8kiteasy wrote:

The only other options beside the expensive HOG(which is always out of stock) is the Laisimo F4. I will definitely be picking up one of these for my Titan and Aromamizer Plus. I do like 30mm + atties,no need to fill up every five to ten minutes.

With the Laisimo F4 there is one thing you will have to get use to the battery door will push out after awhile and you will loose the ability to use the device until you press against the bottom of the door to make contact again.

I use mine all the time still. Just an annoyance you may or may not be able to live with. It doesn't happen right away but will after about 3 to 4 months of constant use.

The battery holders are large enough to use double wrap batteries depending upon how the original single wrap thickness is. Using thin double wrap batteries the even happens less. It also happens less when you use a lighter atomizer on top. The Titan puts pressure on the framework of the mod which I believe adds to the issue.

The battery door never comes open on its own or should I say at least for me. The Laisimo F4 would of been a great mod if it was just a millimeter thicker and the door was at least two millimeters thicker to handle the stress of the way of large atomizers.

Just thought I would pass along a possible thing that may or may not happen. Quality is sometimes like having a winning ticket.

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And...Steamcrave is on the winner side...qualitative.
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+2 details
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#14 (permalink)      6/30/2018 5:55:58 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Yea I understand all that and that is why I did not opt for the F4. I have tried to get the HOG plenty of times but out of stock every time. This PWM device suits the bill for both of my large tanks.
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What is the attraction to a pulse watt moduated mod anyway?
Never liked the buzzing...