AuralVirus wrote:

solksagen wrote:
Suggested retail price is $80 and Steam Crave is not El Cheapo.

still a rip off.

0:30 of that video. battery wraps are f#cked.

Just a copy of the Hammer of God. You would think for the price point they would of went with different battery connection and dare I say step up the game a bit and went with using 21700 batteries with an additional bonus of being able to use 18650. Sad when the best you can do is think only in a tiny box.

I think there has been a change in the design team at Steam Crave and the brain is full of Glaz or Glass. I do like the 30mm Glaz RDA only because it can be made into a series RDA with the lego block. Not to hip on the Glass top cap. Shit at least make it so you can use your own drip tip.

You can tell when a company switches design teams. It all goes bad with the completion of the design. Same thing happened at UD. UD is still not back to being fully innovative as they use to be.