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Will Refill mess up the build?
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#1 (permalink)      7/14/2018 2:11:25 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Will Refill mess up the build?
I asked a very similar question a bit earlier about the Firebird styled RTA. I've seen a few reviews and also read some discussions about the Dvarw since then where the build deck cap comes off when opening the tank for the bottom refill. I plan on leaving a bit of cotton in that cap's juice holes and the loose cap would mean extra work with each refill. I'm not brave enough to try the S shaped wick. Tried it on the Firebird and failed miserably. So here's my question before I pull the trigger on the Dvarw purchase:

Any elegant way to bottom refill without the deck cap coming lose and fucking up the build?
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+1 details will not mess up the build.
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No, the juice flow ring will stay put every time - if not you have a fucked o-ring which you should replace.
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+1 details
I'm not sure what is different with the "V2" version, but I replaced the chamber top cap o-ring with an 8mm OD x 1.5mm o-ring and the chamber o-ring with a 10mm OD x 1.5mm o-ring. The parts don't budge now when fitted together and refilling is painless. It doesn't interfere with the build at all.