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What's the difference between the DVARW MTL V1 and V2 ?
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#41 (permalink)      6/24/2018 6:39:34 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I've been using it for a few days and I agree with viking65 that it's better than a KF Prime, KF V5 or KF Mini V3.

It's a true MTL atomizer and it only performs really well with a small diameter AFC insert. The one that came preinstalled does a great job. I didn't think it was possible to keep an RTA constantly dry but this one does. I can't say that with every KF I own as there's always some condensation build up in the AFC that makes it way out through the AFC hole.

I don't know how you guys build your coils but I've found that using only 6 wraps 27 AWG around 2.5 mm at 3.2V (11 Watt) gives me good flavor. Just like my KF Mini V3 larger coils seems to mute the flavor a bit.

I made a small Youtube video review but it's still pending. In that video I measured all the tanks to show you that it's compatible with the Coppervape replacement tanks.
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tengeresz56 wrote:

WET !!! Do You know what it means? Not any silica quartz christal coming out !!! But don't worry because in the Hungarian vaper's forum there are also a lot of stupid vapers whom sad BullshitBye-Bye B@by.

Crystalline silica is not biodegradable.

If you wish to chance sucking something into your lungs that you can’t get out then that’s your business.

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The type of silica that causes silicosis is crystalline.
The silica in wicks is amorphous, not crystalline.
The type of silica in ceramic coils, is crystalline. So, I am more worried about that, though I have used ceramic coils. Just not long-term. (Ironically, I was originally interested in ceramic coils thinking they'd be healthier than metal fumes.)
And, extremely fine matter can go up with the vapor, such as dust from the ceramic coils. I have not seen evidence of this with silica wicks. Not saying they or anything is 100% safe, but I'm not as concerned. Like ceramic coils, I will use silica wicks, but for long-term use I prefer to hedge my bets by using natural fibers.
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Back on topic.
So is there a consensus that V2 is 'better' than V1? I think that is the main question.

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im interested to get it,but im a more throathit guy ,is it like prime or is more a flavor rta?
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I know this is an old thread.

To the people talking about the larger juice holes, this is the same as the authentic. It was redesigned on it also, if you watch the pbusardo video on YouTube you will see her received both from the Hungarian mod maker and
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tengeresz56 wrote:

HI all of You. I got some request how to make a real silica wick in Dvarw RTA.So sorry for the quality. The focus gone in my camera :-( I hope you will enjoy this built. - Suggestion: turn the watts less 1,5-2Watts.than with cotton wick. - Have a good vaping.The full action takes less than 5 minutes ! (3 to me with new coiling...)- After another few tests with the Version 2 with the 2 modification in it is not necessary!- Wasn't a clever idea! NOT need it! The original hole (air input and juice hole)is just fine for the 2 and 2,5mm AFC too (for lite DL usage). 1,2-1,5mm AFC for the everage MTE users. 0,8-1mm for CE4 styled users (brrrr)

God I thought I'm the only one who still use silica. Seriously Dvarw V2 works so great with silica, especially this silica braid wick.

The vapor is so heavy thick and the vapor is so so much clean and yummy compare to cotton. I vape high VP (90%) so may be cotton mute my juice? Silica doesn't wick as well as cotton, but with some little trick, if it wicks, it performs so much better.