UPDATE after several days of testing and experimenting and with the help of this (great) community:

The issue seems really be the wicking. It needs much more cotton, than say a KFL+ or any atty I know. Cut ca. 0.8cm wide strip piece of my Muji, no striping the sides of the cotton like I usually do. Roll. Try to get through my 2.4mm coil, then cut to length of about 24mm and tuck down in front of the holes. There can't be any openings to the outside. Which is a little finicky with the large, oval holes, but can be done if the wick is thick enough. For now, this seems to work.


People rave about this atty so I got one as well. (I am a long-time KFL+ vaper and I also have a Berserker, KF V3 and V5).

I expected the Dvarw MTL an uncomplicated RTA that just works, but it isn't. I am not new to RTAs, coil building and wicking. But this thing is extremely finicky when it comes to wicking. 7/10 times it clogs and floods my tank.I am sitting at this for 3 days now with the help of people from ecigarette-forum, gettings tips on how to wick this right. Wick just straight down, to cover the juice holes etc...etc.. But it's still flooding sometimes. I didn't expect it that finicky, at all.

Maybe that atty is not suitable for chain vaping. Maybe low MTL Wattage (13W) is not hot enough to wick enough juice away. Maybe something else. All I know is that after several puffs, it starts to clog, gurgle and then flood. Strangely, no one in any reviews has mentioned this.

As much I would like this atty, at this point it's entirely unuseable to me, also after several rewicks and changing Orings. I am sitting here with my mod covered in juice with a tissue to wipe off the juice.

In case you wonder: Normal wicking like you see in videos/images, japanese cotton cut so you slightly bend down the wick and put it down in front of the juiceholes, with the juiceholes sorta covered. I haven't tried other methods like with the wick coming out of the holes yet.

Update: I tried *everything* under the sun to find what is causing the flooding, but it still is.

What I tried:

* Different wicking techniques, all sorts. Covering the holes, stick through the holes, S shape, fanning out on the side.
* Different coil
* Replace all orings with orings from bag
* Entirely disassembled the unit, including the base (lower and upper). Checking for faults, reseating insulators.
* Replace airflow inserts with others
* Wash/Clean the unit