Whoops, I totally missed that SKU 9648237 doesn't have a 17x1x15 in it, so you'd probably want SKU 9648239 too... and at that point you are up to the cost of a whole new Reload clone.

Most of them are 1mm, except the one where the drip tip goes and the one under the glass at the atomizer base. You could probably get a 1mm that would work under the glass but it might be a pain in the butt to trap it there so it seals - really I think the design of the glass there should have a flat o-ring but I'm not complaining that round ones I can actually get do work.

It looks like SKU 9649002 is actually a 2mm set, might have to get that one myself one day as I have next to nothing for spares for goon style tips. Would be kinda nice if they just had a 'base set' of a few of everything which you could then resupply as needed for the ones you've used.

Keep in mind too, that fasttech usually lists o-rings by (outer diameter x size) where normally o-rings are measured (inner x size).