SabreToothBunny wrote:

Hmmm... maybe, recess is 16.9mm but that's a fair bit of sanding you'll have to do. There are 3 knurled parts but you may also need to sand the grub screw at the airhole and possibly the locking nodule at the bottom. Also, the FEV mini I'm thinking of is 80mm long (with the huge drip tip). The recess in the Pico Baby takes about 34mm which means you'd have about 46mm sticking out of the top. Using SKU 2051900 as an example:Installed in the Pico Baby you'd be looking at nearly 100mm in height.SKU 7462700 is good for sanding jobs like this, though I sourced mine for $2.4-something elsewhere about a year ago.

Go back and look closely at the Flash e-Vape VS SKU 2051900. Both tanks also protrude out to the same size as the knurling of 16.9mm.

Even with the proper tools getting it to fit will probably a PITA especially the steel tank.