As for thumb to nose you really shouldn't have that problem. I've stuck with the drip tip in my original photos and the 2cm clearance I have is plenty comfortable... but then I am an anteater...

The thumb/nose picturing was rather for a joke. I don't get that problem either.
But my aim is not to have the smallest gears everyway, rather to have my taller attys in gears as compact as possible. To choose side by side mods for the attys and not to choose the attys for the mod (in this case)

Did you try drawing them a picture in crayon?

Too complicated for me. (don't have any programs/apps for that) But made some captures and marked the ominous piece for them to see.

The staff who dealt with my request sent the standard response so I don't think I had that misunderstanding... but then that was 3 weeks ago and the GS Baby Magnetic Connector hasn't appeared here.

If manufacturers are not willing to release that part separately FT can't do much for us either. But FT is usually the first place where parts get listed separately, so I'm hoping.
I'd prefer to get rather 2 mods than one whole kit. =)