sarathmenon wrote:

Maybe give SKU 6984300 a try?

Thanks for the suggestion but these are not suitable. The ring has to be thicker and the only alternative may be the istick basic connector. The connector needs to be the same thickness as the 510 connector but with a wide enough diameter to make contact with the negative ring at the bottom of the Baby battery mod.

cilika wrote:

Sure it'll be less stealthy but still far more stealthier than with the FEV on anything else ;) The tank section would mean a problem but if i saw well on your pic it'd fall above the mod. It would increase the distance between one's thumb and nose as well for some comfort...

That's all fine and yes, the FEV tank section should sit above the mod. I guess with something this size, I have the ambition to make it as small as possible for myself.
As for thumb to nose you really shouldn't have that problem. I've stuck with the drip tip in my original photos and the 2cm clearance I have is plenty comfortable... but then I am an anteater...

cilika wrote:

They replied: Yes we would like to do that. But please tell us what you're talking about.
Love it. ;)

Did you try drawing them a picture in crayon?
The staff who dealt with my request sent the standard response so I don't think I had that misunderstanding... but then that was 3 weeks ago and the GS Baby Magnetic Connector hasn't appeared here.

I received my connector from Eleaf UK and I've been using my little setup for a couple of weeks now. Very pleased... battery performance and life is surprisingly good. I've got a flattened 30g SS316L 1.2ohm coil in mine and I go through about over 4 full tanks on the Tiny Tank before needing to charge. Power feels like it's a mech... fast.