heffo wrote:

SKU 9641774 is a POS, I'm not sure if it's the same as the FT logo one but the first time I used it I plugged 3 devices into it, just to see if it could charge 3 at the same time. After a few minutes it became very hot so I plugged out the 3 usb cables but I left the charger plugged in. A few minutes later the charger was still heating up with nothing plugged into it. I plugged it out and let it cool down and tried it again, nothing, no power to any of the ports, avoid.

I think you may have a dud.
I bought that same UK charger while waiting for SKU 9619728 to be shipped (The Blitzwolf is a beast), and mine didn't get beyond normal temperature even with 3 devices plugged in. With nothing plugged in mine goes back down to ambient room temperature.

I would imagine it's the same as SKU 2661659. Using a USB Doctor only the orange port supports fast charging with a 9v/2A output. The other two ports are shared and definitely deliver a noticeably weaker output if other ports are used. Sometimes it's dipped below half an amp depending on the load so it's not very efficient.
I'll use mine when I'm travelling abroad because it's compact.

One annoying quirk I noticed is that if you have another device plugged into the 2 standard ports then plug in something to be fast charged, the Qualcomm chip doesn't switch. To get fast charging to work, I need to unplug everything and turn the power off, then plug in the device to be fast charged on its own, wait a couple of seconds then plug in the other devices and fast charging will remain on.