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#31 (permalink)      4/8/2018 6:03:41 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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team_mata wrote:

Moldy wrote:

How's it been working out rebb59? Are you noticing any condensation or leaking due to having the coil inside the air hole? I've been experimenting with making different sized rubber plugs to block off most of the exterior hole, but so far all attempts have resulted in diminished vapor quality. I'll give your technique a whirl one day.

Moldy get ready for the atty that may dethrone the Speed Rev...from the same modder comes the "Duetto Reborn"

Thanks for posting that. Very interesting deck. It looks like lower side airflow with an adjustment screw? I really hope it gets cloned. That designer puts out some nice original hardware; I've been getting lots of use out of the Karma so far. Something like a Karma with adjustable airflow would be ideal - which this appears to be.

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+1 details
Worth looking at this, Caiman BF (mtl),
some pictures