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Whats better this or Air SM?
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#1 (permalink)      1/29/2018 10:23:27 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Whats better this or Air SM?
As the title suggest looking for peoples input regarding differences or preferences between the Gan Air SM and the Gan Air UM.

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The Air SM the updated version of the Air UM; think of it as Air UM v2. The SM is 'improved' insofar that it has a honeycomb pattern on the inside pieces to supposedly better disperse the lubricant, and the GES nuts are larger and more responsive [due to the increased diameter of the springs]. If I remember correctly they used higher quality stickers on the SM as well. The Air SM also includes two nifty plastic cases to hold the GES nuts which are not included with the UM. Apparently the SM is quieter than the UM which is impressive considering the UM is already considered one of the quietest production cubes ever made.

Go with the Air SM as its Gans newest flagship and the update for the UM. FT also has the Valk 3 Power M listed here in various colors which is worth checking out. SKU 9632116

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