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Seen this yesterday else where.
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#31 (permalink)      2/17/2018 11:38:48 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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AuralVirus wrote:

The only squonker that's worth a punt (after you've bought your fill of cheap plastic boxes) has been around for sometime now, a very affordable, 200watt (lets be realistic & call it 140watt), 2 battery regulated box:-GeekVape GBOX SKU 9616323 (after MAP its around $45 so ignore the $66 tag)& its just started to be marked as SOLD OUT so be quick.

I got this and it performs pretty well. Its just so damn big.

My ideal squonker will take a single 21700 battery, 100W and have full regulation with temp control. Pretty sure there is nothing like this yet but i may be wrong.

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+1 details
airwinny wrote:

My hope for this year was that companies like Joyetech (or their daughter companies Wismec/Eleaf) would come out with some well-thought-out regulated squonkers. Preferably with a VTC mini board in it or something similar.

Their first attempt has the same old stupid bottle design, is unregulated, and is basically a redesigned pico squeeze.

Well done Wismec for once again not understanding the market. People buy so many mech squonkers because there's hardly any well-made regulated ones available.

Joyetech: look at the RSQ, take that form factor, put in a VTC mini board, and make it from light-weight aluminium material, don't use the proprietary bottle nonsense, price it around $40-45, release 7-8 different colors and you'll sell more mods than you ever have. I guarantee it.

The Joyetech eVic AIO, with a few minor design changes to make it the "eVic Squonker" would be perfect.

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Squonks r gay

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People buy mech sqounkers because they know how to build , same reason people prefer mechs over regulated ,
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this has just been uploaded to other place... looks like jaybo went ahead with the silicone bottle change (mentioned with tony at ECC)

nothing in the description about silicone though
Bonkers For The Squonkers
#36 (permalink)      3/14/2018 9:45:20 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Those silicon bottles will be available as spares too in 4 different color
also 4 new panels with the matching honeycomb drip tip.

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