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Changing the spring?
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#11 (permalink)      2/23/2018 9:42:20 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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FoxVape wrote:

Maybe if you fully compress the spring for a few days in a vise may loosen some of it's tightness. Just a thought from the top of my head which sometimes feel like it's in a vise! :-)

Heat treatment can also remove some of the temper. Oven or flame might work. But this is hard to reverse if overdone and makes the spring too weak. Also might make it rust if it is a steel spring. Just a thought if he gets desperate.

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Status update: after a week of use the spring is noticeably softer. Much, much easier to use now. I wish I could append my review so that it doesn't scare off potential buyers - I absolutely love this device.