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@Fasttech Question
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#1 (permalink)      1/2/2018 11:56:00 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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@Fasttech Question
Just curious, how can they false advertise this as 69,900mAh when the actual capacity is around 13,000?
I mean.. is it made by Smok? When they tell you their coils do 200-300w but burn out at anything over 80-100?

Even still, people reading the title are thinking "WOW 69,900 mah battery pack!" but then it's only 13k (which is still admittedly a lot but that's besides the point) so they bought something off of false advertising, there's a lot of things for sale lately that are posting ridiculous item specs that simply aren't true in any sense of the word, this being one of them.

Is there anything you can do to help manage that, or is listing its actual capacities about all you can do?
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It's effectively just a block of 18650 cells I recon. Whoever makes this pack probably doesn't manufacture whatever cells they use but instead just report the sum of what they get. I agree though it's kind of a joke exactly how commonplace it is to the point that every consumer buys it knowing the reported numbers are inflated.