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"in stock" no... It isn't. Even when it says it is...... Wtf
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#1 (permalink)      4/22/2021 11:35:46 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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"in stock" no... It isn't. Even when it says it is...... Wtf
OK. This is for people thinking "hey, it says" in stock" sweet I will order this cuz it will ship right away"....... No.... No it won't. Every single time I place an order on items that say in stock, afterwards I look at my order and see it hasn't shipped in 4 (work) days..... Hmm.... That's weird.... Oh now it says ETA 6 days! Or "restocking?"
If anyone at FastTech is reading this..... Wtf man? Like why? It's not right man. Not at all. Idk why it happens, maybe it's not your fault. Idk, but I'm tired of it. 3 times now I tried to order this glass. And twice the other 5 piece version and every single time it takes forever to restock when it says in stock or ships in 5 days. Now I don't even know if I can get my friggin order with this vape mail ban in effect by time my order ships.
Yes I've dropped support tickets. Yes I've gotten my refunds and all that. Thanks for that. But I don't want a refund! I need the damn glass!!

Anyway. Thanks for the help
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Hello Hunterrrrr,

We are really sorry the item stock quantity are less than the quantity you ordered.:( So the shipping is delayed, we are waiting for the new batch to arrive. We will send a ticket for you about the ETA. Please kindly check later. Thank you.
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