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Finally.... a non-exploding hex set!!!!
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#1 (permalink)      12/13/2017 10:00:12 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Finally.... a non-exploding hex set!!!!
All my other ones explode. Thank Christ for this revolutionary product!
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+3 details
It's a thing that lots of heavy industry requires; it's not implying that other hex wrenches have a tendency to self-destruct but rather it suggests that the equipment is hardened to meet a certain criteria and shouldn't be able to provide a source of ignition; it depends on the individual requirements. Explosion proof flashlights and specialized tools, for example, are required by law in some industries depending on the country. However I don't think I would trust anything from fasttech to be legitimately 'explosion proof' by any industrial safety standards, particularly at this price. For example, a legit 'explosion proof' flashlight is going to run you at least $100 for something that takes a single AA battery. This actually looks like a good home-gamer set for the price assuming the steel was properly hardened.

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