No, you can use cotton (or rayon, if that's your thing). The SvoëMesto original kit came with silica wicks back in the days when that's just what people used, and a lot of the clones include everything that was in the original kit. Use a 2.5mm coil (8 wraps of 28AWG/0.32mm Kanthal for 1.4Ω is sort of the standard build, but that's just a guideline) and cotton and you'll be happy.

(Hint: put the cotton through the coil and "bunny ear" it up through the lower chamber when you attach that. If you trim the cotton to the top of the chamber, it'll be the right length to poke down and just hit the juice shelf. There's no need to fuss around with a generation-3 Kayfun; you get a foolproof build every time with a minimum amount of time spent.)