Yeah I saw that in one of the posts and tossed the YFTK squares in my wish list. This one seems to be exactly what you are saying the best of the budget squonkers.

I hear it also takes the pulse bottles, I can pick them up locally for less then the squares.. I don't know though I want to try the square.

SKU 9432900 Authentic HCigar Magic 18650 BF Mechanical Mod Kit. Almost hate to say it because I have seen it get no love for the look, but kind of digging the look of this one. I think it is about 36.00 or so.

RSQ comes in tomorrow hopefully. That might make me not care about these other two, going to wait and see I guess. Mechs aren't my favorite really, but these two I like.

Kind of want that Modefined Sirius 200W also, not a squonker but I grabbed a Voopoo black resin for my daily carry and I feel like I should have grabbed the modefined. I like the drag resin, it works great, but I think the modefined might give it a good run for what is better.