rangermsr wrote:

Maybe 5 clicks to turn it on?

I don't have this, but most devices have a multiple click option.

here's a vid that shows this. ( not english, but you can get an idea )

good call ranger

This review I copied from an owner review (not mine) reads like an instruction manual:

"... It has VV and VW modes. It feels good and right in the hand. It looks great with a range of atomisers, even 19mm ones on the 22mm 510-connection (or whatever the exact measurements are). I like it with an original Nautilus. It's a fixed battery and feels like it could break within a year, but who cares? It only costs a little more than an Endura cylinder battery. I'm more worried it will be discontinued when mine eventually dies. It doesn't come with an instruction manual but it's easy: 5-clicks on or off. 3 rapid clicks of the fire-button to change from VV to VW mode. Hold the plus and minus buttons (while turned off) to flip the display. The only real downside is that the battery meter isn't much use. Mine seems to go from half or a third full to dead (according to the meter) in no time. But it's an at-home device (instead of something to carry around every day) and charges quickly, so it's not much of an issue."