KW0017 wrote:

Tried to post pic for ya shifterphights but it won't post.

thanks for trying man, I believe you though! I dont want to bend my mod or contacts as much as that seems like a reasonable thing to make a 20700 or 21700 into a mod but I would so much rather have a good mod that is made the right way where it doesnt look like it was made in China, with stupid graphics and cheap materials. I hate how to get a decently made mod you have to spend a shit load of money, or replace a bunch of stuff and switch a bunch of things on an assortment of mods. At this point I am about fully modded out, I think I would only buy a new mod if it was a dual 18650 mech squonk, maybe even the DNA Drone BF, but really I would love the Boxer 2x700 and the new samsung 21700 battery which is supposed to be amazing, then that can be my last mod ever!