Travelman71 wrote:

MAP is fixed... you get $4.63 off... i will wait for other colours to come out, but a 20700 squonker... hell yes

Hmm not convinced $4.63 is enough of a deduction for me to make a purchase, near to $25 mark sounds about right unless reviews come back glaringly positive I think I can live without this. (Wanting a dual 18650 series or parralell preferable interchanngable would be ideal or a dual 18650 potentiometer squonker - now that'd be sick imo.

BadNinja wrote:

VaperNL wrote:
Not a fan of the internals. Any juice leak could cause an autofire and with a mech, we all know how that can end. Steering well clear from these boxes.

How the hell can a juice leak cause an autofire in a mechanical mod?
That makes no sense.

Was going to say the same thing. some people shouldn't be using mechs... & maybe not mods that require batteries to be charged. stick to the ego's.