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Feat at VtINBOX 75???
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#11 (permalink)      6/13/2017 1:55:56 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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cocorika wrote:

hum...I guess I will have to eat my hat :))

here you go :)

As per the VT Inbox, I tried as well. It's an impossible task. The tubing fits into the VT Inbox tube, but after that it's basically impossible to get a bottle screwed on without making a mess. Not worth the modifications (If it even works, I gave up half-way)

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lol ! i admit i have been somewhat optimistic on that question ...hum :s
If I had understood that Randall have both I would have abstained and would have simply be happy with his quite succinct answer

nevermind, this hat suits me fine after all ( its lacks tooth marks tho!)
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After disassembling the INBOX to clean all the spilled E-juice, I would NEVER try that again. The stock bottles are fine for what they do.
#14 (permalink)      6/13/2017 8:41:54 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Sell your vt inbox and get sva penguin clone
#15 (permalink)      6/17/2017 10:48:20 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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It is possible to use this in the VTInbox with a simple modification, although the modification will result in destroying a VTInbox bottle.

1. Remove the tube and top metal screw on cap from the YFTK bottle.

2. Take the VTInbox bottle and cut the top off where it meets the shoulder of the bottle. Make the cut as cleanly as possible.

3. Take that cut portion and press it into the top of the YFTK bottle. That will act as a reducer and allow the VT feed tube to fit snugly into the YFTK bottle.

The YFTK is a couple mm shorter than the VT bottle when the screw on metal cap is removed, but it’s not a problem. In fact, the shorter profile makes it easier to put the bottle in and take it out.

I’ve run a few bottles through using this modification and have had zero leaks. The most significant problem is that the YFTK is so soft that it is impossible to get it positioned into the VT without squeezing it. You absolutely want to have an atty attached whenever removing or replacing the bottle.

A more elegant solution would be to widen the hole in the metal top cap of the YFTK so the VT feed tube would fit in. But, didn’t have the right size drill bit to do that, so I went for the reducer tube option.

Now, is it worth it? To be honest, not really. While I really like how the YFTKs work in a Reo, the stock VT bottle is not bad at all, and is certainly easier to remove/replace than a super soft.
#16 (permalink)      1/7/2018 3:25:16 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Since these bottles are so soft (probably the softest of all the silicone bottles) they're nearly impossible to get a full bottle into the inbox using the hack described above (cut top off regular inbox bottle and put in into the opening of the YFTK bottle). But they do fit great and I really hate the Inbox bottle, so I just use a refill bottle with 510 threading to fill the bottle through the 510 on the mod: no spillage and a proper soft bottle really improves the Inbox imho.