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PSA : Well impressed. Buy em if they're your thang :P
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#1 (permalink)      6/27/2017 5:55:10 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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PSA : Well impressed. Buy em if they're your thang :P
I know, I know its only a fucking drip tip :) but less than $6 for 7 drip tips you might expect them to be awful & the pics fasttech took were of samples they had to dig deep to find nice colour / patterns but no, every single one I received actually look better than the pics ft used.

If you like the shape (very subjective of course) then go for these rather than risking random colour lotteries.

I even got 1 that resembles tigers eye gem - truly is quite stunning.

If only the other 810 kennedy/goon shapes were made in this 7 pack for $5.74.
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Excuse my dusty ass table, they're also a little lighter than this. They're lovely drip tips! Low profile and fit well. Can't beat the price either.

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