ChappySinclair wrote:

isn't $138 cheap for stab wood mod? i can't think of any cheaper.

5 reasons why it's overpriced compared to hand built stab boxes (tbh point 5 should be reason enough though):-

1/ Western workers expect/demand/command a higher hourly wage than China's workers.
2/ The Stab wood used is cheap, it's not burl from rare woods. (else they'd be advertising it)
3/ Wood is easily machined/milled/worked compared to metals & China manufacturers are cnc machining everything, it's not by hand as most expensive stab boxes are (which is related to point 1).
4/ Mass production drives prices way down, again stab boxes in the west are as said hand made and made in small batches.
5/ Aluminium alloy - just no.

Yes it's cheap compared to other stab boxes but the stab wood component is the only half similarity. (Half as its cheap stab wood, we have a lot of "stabilized" wood in our lofts - wood impregnated with a chemical to prevent rot etc.) the similarity stops there as the chip isn't the usual over priced dna or yihi, the buttons are the usual suspects & face plate are nothing to write home about - could have at least been a brushed stainless or real copper/brass plate not plated Aluminium alloy junk.

There is no justification for the price. At most 15% to 20% above a "normal" metal mod just for the uncommon factor.