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US & 220V ??
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#11 (permalink)      1/17/2017 3:27:09 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I'd think a person would start into mild hallucinations before ever getting as sick as some sound if it was the THC causing the issues. But I'm no doctor.
There is the chance hybridization could play a part I'd guess, it's happened before with plants. Taking plants from different parts of the world and cross breading them may make for some early pearl like potato problems.
Personally I've never tried any concentrates and back when I had smoked I was fine with a few tokes after work to help me settle into a good meal and sleep at night. A few decades ago, I smoked a lot!
Always keep your ear to the ground!
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I've never met ANYONE that has suffered from this but my guess would be the use of non-organic nutes and the pre-flush additives that are used to increase bud-size, crystals, output, etc. It sounds like some sort of recation to chemicals IMO

verynice wrote:

This is what has always piqued my interests. Every swingin' dick has their own means to introduce CO2.

Yeah never got my set-up cause in MA you can't get a full size tank they're regulated..then the regulator and equip needed is close to 2k and It was much more of a pain for me to set it up....I had my set-up in 2 locations so I would need 2 set-ups so yeah lol.

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Puff_Cabby wrote:

Bill & Ben

WEED.... WEED....

Pass the blunt.

"AC 85-265V " is the range of voltage it will work on 110 the circuits inside take care of the conversion.