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O-ring set
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#1 (permalink)      3/9/2017 8:52:55 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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O-ring set
I'm thinking to buy this atomizer with a set of o-rings, but I'm not sure which size I should get. Could someone supply the dimensions of o-rings for this atomizer?
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Nobody? Alright I'll give 'em something.

Click this and search around.

It's a 22mm atty, so I'd pick up a few different ones and with FT prices you can't go wrong. I'd get anywhere from 19-21mm rings so they're a good fit. Also get a few different thicknesses so you can find what's just right, just look at the dimensions in the item descriptions. You're gonna wanna try a few different ones to get what you need.

Gonna need some smaller ones for the drip tip and chimney connection too. Basically buy a bunch of different sizes, and have a nice spare collection. Never know when you'll need them. I can't recommend anything because I don't have this.

Keep in mind, this item comes with a set of spares as well.

You can literally get 10 pack o-rings for .50 cents. It's gonna be trial and error but I'd spend a few bucks on getting all sizes just to have extra also for other attys.

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+1 details
It comes with spares, enough to cover you if something happens. The only o-ring I have a problem with is the airflow ring one on the base. The hole in the ring is sharp enough that if it pinches the o-ring, it can take off a slice. Otherwise, all others are fine.

I used a scourer to scrub the edges smoother on the airflow ring and it's okay now.
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Thank you for your reply, excellent help indeed. I think I'll follow your suggestion and focus on having a spare collection of o-rings. I wasn't really paying attention to the thickness part (cross-section); so, thanks again for the tip.

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What is the size for the afc oring?

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microcens wrote:

What is the size for the afc oring?

the bottom o-ring(the thinner one) is this: SKU 2019300