airwinny wrote:

s.moriwaki wrote:

Do you think the NarCA drip tips would be a decent replacement for the NarDA drip tip?

I think the NarCa tip would be uncomfortably short on the NarDa. The NarCa has this lip on top of the top cap that allows very short drip tips.

Personally I use these SKU 9000000 on the NarDa (and on almost all my other RDAs as well). They're 1 mm wider than the standard NarDa ones, but I just find them the most comfortable drip tips I've found so far.

I agree, I hated the short DT that came stock with the NarCa, just like the NarDa one...but to each their own eh? :)

He's selling his, so I guess he wants a "OEM" DT for it. Personally, I'd just sell it as-is..surely the friend has DT's?