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alien coils?
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#21 (permalink)      2/5/2018 1:20:54 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Fasttech made me doublepost, because what I said is true.

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#22 (permalink)      2/5/2018 6:37:25 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I have the Hadaly but unfortunately, it is the SS version and it does get quite hot :/

I'm honestly so undecided between the flave, entheon and haku, I really have no idea which one to go for. But I'm leaning towards the haku right now... after you said the top cap doesn't get hot, that's a big plus for me.

Just wish it was 24mm, it would have been a hands down winner.

Please choose one bud. If you could only keep one of those rdas, which would it be?[/quote]

You have the Hadaly, take the pc topcap SKU 8522200 and you have a good rda for taste and the topcap it does not get hot.
tip; turn the clamps upside down and you have a better grip for the legs of the Alien.
#23 (permalink)      2/5/2018 9:00:16 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The Haku for me gets hot with claptons, at least when I try to make enough vapor not to make the abundant airflow feel weak.

The O-Atty (I linked the 316 version, which is the best one here, all in all) almost doesn't get hot at all. The way the air flows through it is just designed much smarter even if O-Atty and Haku look so similar.

Problems the Haku has (and the O-Atty doesn't):

- too roomy horizontally; The distance between both air inlets is bigger with the Haku, you have to build bigger than 4mm coils to force the air around them and that gets you very close to the top cap.
- the top cap is not domed which leads to turbulences in the upper corners which might heat up the top cap some more. (In the O-Atty you have a very defined way for the air to travel around the coil and up.)
- that whistle!


edit: The O-Atty v2 has similar problems to the ones of the Haku, but can be fixed by building small single wire dual coils close to and a bit above the air inlets.

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#24 (permalink)      2/5/2018 11:27:09 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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NarCa, the 2017 version of the NarDa

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#25 (permalink)      2/5/2018 2:09:30 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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@phlegmore, I tend to agree with those findings, about coil positioning. Personally, I find that when the coil is positioned so that the bottom of the coil is visible in exactly the vertical centre of the airflow, I get the best results. Because that way air travels freely underneath, and causes a good kinda turbulence, due to the air converging from both airflow slots, but if also hits the coil directly, so it's like getting the best of both worlds, if you know what I mean.

O atty v2 is now one of my top contenders and it's got really good ratings. Especially from what you said, that it will work well with a smaller coil, I think this will suit my micro aliens very well.

I would have lived the narda/narca, but I don't like the thought of having to secure my leads under those screw heads.

@Daniel, I've kinda given up on the Hadaly now though. Since I'm not into squonking, the juice well is just too shallow for me. My wasp has totally replaced my hadaly and I feel the flavour off the wasp is better too.

But top contender right now is the zion rda which @Coops recommended. I'm probably gonna end up buying this one. Just I'm gona need to sandpaper that engraving off.

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#26 (permalink)      2/8/2018 11:46:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The O-Atty v2 is really not bad when used with two 2mm coils, however I don't know if it will get proper hot with two claptons or not. I suspect it will (but who knows..). I found it to be working brilliantly when treated like an inside out Derringer or Vertex Mini.

Small coils close and a little above the airholes mitigate the roomy chamber/dropped ceiling problem that many atties like this have by forcing most of the air under the coils and then straight up in the middle.