So you like the wrath? 1 to 10 scale? I have heard some negative reviews of it, so I have been waiting for it to join so much other stuff in the cheap as fuck category. Currently I only have one squonk mod and I do enjoy squonking sort of been waiting for some thing, not sure what to come out.

I have the first Kanger squonker, the 2nd one is massive I don't like that but it's cheap now at under 40 bucks, and it has allot of the things I want. It would end up like my massive RX200 though in the cabinet most of it's life. So the wrath seems some what logical, but ehh the negative reviews of it though! For the cost I could grab a smoke alien, not sure why but I like that one with the dual battery display to see if one is dropping and the side fire.. Also saw allot of good reviews of it like DJLSB's. I don't really need that much power especially with it's over 22MM over hang issues.

You can get a pretty damn good vape off the first Kanger and it's cheap as shit now all over the place I have dual 26-36 over SS clapton coils in it spaced 5 wraps each at .2 and it's doing great, on the shitty atty it comes with you can fit small claptons in it with no drill. It's also not busting me for ohm fluctuations with SS.