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#81 (permalink)      9/13/2016 10:01:24 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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AuralVirus wrote:

steppy wrote:
cilika wrote:
And count on 10£ for shipping if you're not in the UK :(
But they have a bunch of interesting things.

nearly all my fishing stuff i buy from england costs £10 shipping,and i live in the UK. ive had "shops" try to charge me £18 for shipping a packet of hooks (maybe 5grams if even)
boils my blood

I refuse to buy unless its free shipping or at least "very reasonable". Ah I see you said fishing stuff, I live on an island :) strangely there's a few fishing shops. Go figure :)

even when i try order things with free shipping few days after you normally get a email to say because your not in the UK its X amount to ship!! really pisses me off royal mail claim there is no extra cost for NI

we have tackle shops but they sell very very little for carp fishing so ordering from England cant really be avoided

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JJJSpiderHunter wrote:

narda or origen 16 bf is going on mine :D

The enclosed topper on this Coppervape is extremely good, really impressive when used with spaced 24 gauge ss coils, thick clouds and wonderful flavour.....yes I own several excellent BF drippers but this little cheapy is a little gem!