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Will it fit on TFV8 Baby Tank
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#1 (permalink)      6/23/2018 6:18:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Will it fit on TFV8 Baby Tank
Will this for on a TFV8 Baby Tank that came with the alien 220 kit. I bought the RBA and it seems to not fit. Even if I put or take out the o rings it still doesn't wrong. Idk if it is the wrong one or not. Or do i need a different tank for it. Please help!!
#2 (permalink)      6/23/2018 7:57:40 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
The glass that came with the Alien 220 Baby Beast rba kit is only 19.3mm tall, that's why the rba doesn't fit. The glass with this rba kit is only 20mm and not tall enough.

The glass needed for the rba to fit is 22.3mm tall. This one will fit. SKU 7967000
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Or these ;) SKU 8159900

Im using those with my rba, it fits like a glove.


For that bubble section i posted.

TFV8 Baby EU Edition + RBA, yes.
TFV8 Baby US Edition + RBA, no.

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