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Flavor Builds??
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#1 (permalink)      10/3/2016 7:28:15 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Flavor Builds??
I have finally bought the the "GOBLIN"...after so many years of resisting the urge to purchase it. I used Kayfuns/Tyfuns daily at home, and FlasheVapors for the work place.
I like a warm moist build...but not hot. Not a fogger but vapor is dense and thick.
What's the best build for flavor for you?? I'm thinking of a dual coil "DUEL Parallel" 28g SS--3.0 Diameter--at about .5 Ohms. Mmmm to hot?? What do you think/use??
#2 (permalink)      10/28/2016 9:37:42 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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try single coil parallel 28g seven wraps, 2.5 diameter, it's about .60 and it's really great!!!!
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I dont have the goblin but do use dual coils attys only

with SS 317, I happen to prefer mine at 26g 317, 8 wraps a tiny bit spaced, for about 0.25-0.30 ohms, 25-30watts

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#4 (permalink)      10/28/2016 11:10:58 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Very good šŸ˜Š guys.

Best experience is 316 ss 26 awg @ .40 ohms
Fire @ 28 watts for full flavor mildly cloudy.
#5 (permalink)      10/28/2016 11:12:21 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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i've had mine for a week or two now and been rocking the same build. single coil 5 wrap 2.5 28/32A1 clapton coil. 20-30w. it's warm and flavorful. really enjoying it. wicks great. nice restricted lung hit even with air fully open. perfect draw for my liking. some people seem to have a hard time wicking this thing and complain of leaks after topfilling, but i've filled mine probably 15 times now with not a single leak.

i might try a 24ga SS316L build this weekend just to mix things up.
#6 (permalink)      10/28/2016 12:12:53 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I'm getting great results with a parallel 26AWG single coil 28W .5 Ohms great flavour silly clouds, a little to cloudy for me!
But worth a shot.
: )
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