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Some 'Splainin', Please
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#1 (permalink)      3/2/2016 6:49:36 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Some 'Splainin', Please
Can someone more fully explain what you can do with this? I assume it's powered through your cars lighter socket, links to your smart phone and transmits to your car's stereo FM. In the past I haven't been to impressed with the transmission quality of such devices but that was years ago. Has technology improved that significantly?

I'd imagine you could take calls and transmit music from your smart phone once linked? What's the purpose of the flash drive? Transmitting stored MP3s? I could hardwire my phone to my auto stereo's AUX socket but I'd rather avoid the wire if the quality will be equivalent?
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I bought something similar for when I have a rental car to use my phone to play mp3, hear the directions from navigation and take calls. The quality is quite good, but a cable connection is better. You also have to set up bluetooth, switch the thing on etc.
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I imagine the USB is for output, so the power isn't being hogged, eg. you can connect your phone (edit: for usb charging, I mean). It says micro SD expansion, so that's where you'd add stored mp3s' from.

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mine arrived in post today
easy to set up
and once realised had volume way too low on phone the sound quality was very suprised at via blue tooth playing from songs saved on mem card on phone haven got a spare mem card atm to try mp3s etc direct from card yet
and haven tried hands free call