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Is it Hangda ??
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#1 (permalink)      3/19/2016 2:06:03 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Is it Hangda ??
It comes in a box and it's Royal Horse flavour E-Liquid.... Where does it say Hangsen, or Hangda???? I'm guessing it's not even Authentic because it took me ages to find it.

I looked everywhere for this E-Liquid......

I also looked in Novelty Gadgets,
I looked in Stress Relievers, Christmas Decorations,
even DIY parts and tools didn't have it.
Silly me, I should have known it was in the Misc.Toy section...

Is this the black label Hangsen? or is it Hangda?
Nothing is printed, so is it a genuine fake from FT ?

Has anyone Vaped this?
I'm now lost for words and I'm not buying it because it's not Authentic.
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ohhhh you little tinker you.....
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I vaping it atm,go for it,everything is fine.
GEEK IS BACK !!!, so maybe i'll be back too, sometimes.