Leuch wrote:

i'm not comparing to other DNA mods. DNA mods are all over priced. i'm comparing to things like the RX200 which is a wonderful mod, and 40 dollars.

The RX is nice for the money but not wonderfull for me. Too heavy and bulky to use 10ft away from a desk.

But you cannot compare a reverse engineered 200W chinese chip to one made and developed from scratch in the US with much more features.
Note that for me the chinese chips are really nice, I find the VTC mini one is pretty close to perfect (same maker as wismec)

Also, once you add batteries the price of the RX200 is around 60USD, still much cheaper but still very different in concept and target. And the realease price is always higher.

Considering the in the Originals world tubes sell around 100 to 200USD, that is overpriced.

Note that I hate those graphics.