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So this is the "Improved" version of the retarded VTbox
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#21 (permalink)      1/10/2016 11:16:12 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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jorgelarocha wrote:

UKV_Kenneth wrote:
Well you can. They both do near enough the exact same thing.

Agree. Have some DNA 40 clones that are better than the originals.
Why? because they are less "smart" and therefore less dumb.

Definatly. my zero modz clone is still one of my all time favorites. it's a dna 40 clone (or dna 60 it says) but yeah. was able to vape nickel, titanium and stainless before I even knew stainless was possible. and it doesn't glitch out all the time like a dna40. also it didn't cost 350 dollars like a dna 40 vapor flask. I almost spazzed out when I saw that price tag lol.

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UKV_Kenneth wrote:

"But you cannot compare a reverse engineered 200W chinese chip to one made and developed from scratch in the US with much more features."

Well you can. They both do near enough the exact same thing.

But developing the thing and originality has a price.

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That is the problem that is used for the justification in cost R&D instead of thinking long term with the R&D cost it is passed off to the consumer right away. Thus the reason why other countries markets thrive quicker because of the long term view of cost.

Problem is America doesn't care as much to produce as much as the desire for just doing R&D and using 3rd party countries to produce it. If the return to produce things would be as half as high as wanting to R&D the price would come way down.

America will go back to that way of doing and making things when AI and Robotics come more into the main stream. Using 3r party countries will be a waste of time. Cheaper to make and also ship inner country under that system. The profit gains are high because the labor cost is close to none. Plus they won't have to rely on a country monetary policy being sound to continue the trend of overseas cheap labor.
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I dig your sig, L_D. It's a new one, yes?
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so is this a newer version than the 2 color rubber sided version? the vtbox200 with no S ?