I was asking myself, how they make cotton bacon (v2). I found out that it is basically a normal cotton rope. In germany, i found 1000 grams of cotton bacon (v2) for 15€. It has no own taste. It is extremely fluffy.Wicks perfect on RTAs and RDAs.Works perfect at high wattages. I am not gonna show the name of the company, because this is not an advertisement. I just wanted to show you this. There are different options. For example: 80% cotton 20% rayon. I am using 100% cotton version . Look at the pictures. It is really like cotton bacon (v2).
I don't know how to find this in america. In germany its called "Friseurwatte" (Hairdresser's cotton) or "Watteschnur" (Cotton Rope) .

This is enough cotton for the next 5-15 years