Watercool wrote:

Jaccoman wrote:
This stuff has a really gross hospital taste when you vape it for the first 4ml of juice.

confirmed just wanted to post this

If it tastes bad it is something with FT's product alone. I have been using bacon for a year after 7 years playing with abt every wicking material there is and I now use nothing but bacon. There is no taste at all in the stuff, maybe you need to wash your hands before handling it, and be sure it is stored airtight. For me there is nothing as good at wick and taste. I buy it 5 for 20.00 and have for long time, have abt 10 packs in my stash. It is super absorbent but as with all wick use Just as much needed don't make a silly cotton bed just what ya need. I think as far as my many years experience lots of folks use way too much wick in a coil. I get many many many wicks from a stick.

To each their own but for me this stuff is the best I have ever used. I vape for taste and vape many subtle flavors of DIY and if it had taste I would know. But then I haven't bought it from FT but I will likely in the future and save some bux later on. Wash hands and store airtight in the bag etc.

Just my opinion of course so do as you desire as I vape my sweet banana cream pie on bacon in an avocado. ver 1 did suck but ver 2 is what I use here.