johnny_469 wrote:

Sanyo NCR18650GA cells are pretty badass also IMO.They are Panasonic NCR chemistry which is well known to be the safest chemistry on the market right now for high drain cells. I've seen cells with this chemistry shorted, punctured, and literally crushed, fully charged no less, and when venting, barely spit out anything for gasses or electrolytes. For all intensive purposes, you can't make them ignite on their own, let alone explode. (Not saying it's impossible to make one violently vent, but it would take some serious effort to do so.)3500mAh in actuality also, rated 10A continuous and 20A max draw. They're easily vapable down to .4oHm (with headroom), and likely can handle down to .3 (or even a little lower, for the experienced/expert vapers.They're also great cells to buy for marrying pairs. The tolerances in the factory are very tight for them. Most times, you can pick out 2 random brand new cells of this kind, and find them to be suitable for pairing.

Thanks a whole bunch, Johnny. I like these NCR...GA you've mentioned, I just can't justify the extra dollars though. I might stick with the 30Qs. I have a bunch of them and they've been performing without issue. I don't build down past .35 I mostly use mech mods and find the sweet spot for me at about .4 - .48.

I appreciate you time, mate. Thank you, again.